Book Review:

“Strength is not the absence of tears or grief but the ability to cry and grieve, and then bounce back into life. Strength is about facing your feeling and not breaking down.” – From the Book.

Title – Teatime for the Jilted Lover

Author- Prachi Sharma  

Genre- Adult and Thriller, Mystery and Suspense

Rating- 4.5/5

Blurb- The storyline revolves around an author and his life. Many other characters appear in the story like his police friend, his ex-girlfriend, Danish his rival and Alyna and of course the stalker who had made the life of the author living hell. Who the stalker was? What was his motive? Everything unravels with the story. Perfect mix of thriller-suspense-mystery.

My Review- First off, this book was my kind of book full of suspense, murder and that adrenaline rush you went through reading this book. The book catches you the minute you start reading it. I enjoyed the plot of the book. Description of characters is perfect, nor bragged about neither short. I felt what the protagonist felt, I got angry at times and scared about what will happen now, I felt his pain, that’s is what we look for I guess? Right? Being connected to the protagonist is the whole point. You can’t just put the book down easily. Each chapter has an intriguing title which sits perfectly with the chapter itself. The plot is what I fell for the most. The protagonist is an author, who is successful and out of nowhere, a stalker shows up and then you look at each character with questionable eyes. Is he? or Is she? Why is he doing it? How? and you want to know the answers so bad. This books will keep you on the edge. Unless you yourself pretend to be a CBI and picks up the clues and solve the mystery before it unveils in the book and that’s what I did and I was right about the stalker, well it was cherry on the top.
The book ends with a happy ending.
The thing, I didn’t like was, since I read the book from PDF, it couldn’t detect the letter and that’s why there were little mistakes which were repeated. I got a little disappointed but I pass through it.
But on the whole, the person who loves to read thriller-mystery genre. It’s just a perfect pick. I totally recommend the book to my fellow readers.

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