Letter To My Blog

To theindiangirl,
Long time no see,
I’m writing this letter to let you know that I’m really grateful to be part of the blog community and meeting you was one of the good decisions. Since you are very young, don’t think of you any less. With time we both will grow and will make more happy memories together.
It’s just a beginning for you and me. You are really special to me, just like my journal. I know I was ignorant before but I will come here more often and share my thoughts with you. I hope you won’t get annoyed by my constant rambling.
Somedays will be difficult, but we will go through those dark days together, as no season and no hardships last forever. Be grateful for what you have and earn.
Stay healthy and happy, that all that matters in the end right.
I’ll leave for now, till we meet again.

I’m participating in the giveaway by Booxoul and Vidhya Thakkar.


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