REVIEW: Death Of Dreams

“Never regret the struggle
That you have been through
Because things are better
When they have to strive
To overcome fear.”
“Take a tour within your soul,
and explore places, you’ve never been to
Because before you expect, Others to know you
You need to understand
Your worth,
And have a better view.”
Title – Death Of Dreams
Author- Shruti Agarwal
Rating- 3/5 🌟
It’s a collection of quotes and poems as the author says.
It’s a light and quick read and will not take much of your time. I have to say that the poems does have deep meaning. You can feel what the author feel through her poems. I really love some of them. I’m really impressed by the author’s work and how clear she is about what she wants to present to the reader through her poems. Only thing, I did not like was, there were no titles for the poems, which I expected.
However, to sum up, It’s a good read and I will recommend you guys to read it.

Thanks to the author for giving me the review file of the book. ❤❤

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