Book Review of “BESTSELLEER”

Title- Bestseller
Author- Ahmed Faiyaz
Genre- Satire
Rating- 4.5/5
My views-
One of the Finest read of this year. Honestly, this book is very different from what I usually read. Easy and faced paced. The book is full of humor, which I love the most. Reading the book I got an insight into how production companies work and what goes behind the curtains, about which readers are not very much familiar with. No place is full of rainbows and unicorns, there is always a loop, the same goes for the publication houses. Not only humor but the author has added a pinch of reality into the book.
There are so many characters in the book, I got confused a bit, but the author has portrayed each one of them in a unique way.
You will never get bored reading this book. I couldn’t keep the book down, always curious about what will happen next.
I am really impressed by the author’s writing style. Totally recommend this book.

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