Book Review “The Legends Of A Startup Guy”

“They say who you are is defined by who you are with”
Title- The Legends Of A Startup Guy
Author- Prachi Garg
Publisher- Srishti Publishers
Rating- 3
About the book-
The story revolves around a boy named Ganesha and how he lives under the shadow of his brother and one day looking at his pet, he got inspiration to walk off from the shadow of his parents and brother. Later he decides to start his own business and how he faced the ups and downs while establishing his business.
My Views-
The Book starts with a great pace, I really enjoyed the first 50 pages of the book. Book revolves around Business and how it works, what one should do while starting a business. After those 50 pages, Everything is a bit too elaborative for a reader.
However, This book is perfect for people who are business minded. It’s not a cup of tea who are not at all interested in business and how one should start. Author has great knowledge of business and writing about complicated terms in an easy way so that any reader can understand, really impresses me. Easy to understand. Little slow placed.
Also, It has a touch of mythology, as the name of the characters and all the scenarios are depicted, are based on God and Goddesses, which is very different and unique.
People who are interested to start their own small business, this book is of great help, I will recommend them to read it.

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