Book Review “Ghoomophiro”

“Things have changed massively in the last two decades; history had become myth and present had slowly turned into dying, if not dead, history. ”
Book review
Title – Ghoomophiro
Author – Himadri Garg
Rating – 3.5/5
About the book –
This book mainly focus on two sisters Nitika and Kritika and their 25 years of experience of travelling in order to get connected with people from different places and their respective cultures. On one cetrtain day they decided to plan an exciting trip with their whole family.
My reviews –
This book is for those who like traveling and how new experiences opens one’s boundaries. This book is written in a free verse and with its simple language it can be read easily. People who are not into travelling may find it little boring because it is bit too elaborative. This book walks you through three generations and their knowledge about the world and how the two sisters change their perspective about traveling. Traveling is one of the best experiences one does in its life and how it changes the way you think.
The two sisters also talk about their exciting tales from their past experiences. The best part of the book is that it doesn’t only focuses on storytelling but also raises voice on the concerning global issues like global warming and how we people are exploiting our natural resources and not even concerned about how much damage we have already done what should we do to preserve our mother earth.
Wholesome I will recommend this book to my readers who want to explore different parts of the world while sitting in the comfort of your bed.

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