Interview with the Author of “Will You Stay?” By Vedant Saxena

Vedant Saxena is the author of the book “Will You Stay?”

A very good initiate by the Author to create awareness about depression which is so much common now days.

Interview with the Author:-

Q-What inspired you to start writing?

When I graduated, I had two roads in front of me, and I chose the one less traveled. I wanted to bring change in the society, be the voice of unheard, that I couldn’t do by working 12 hours in a 5-star hotel. So I let go of-of my campus placement(I had 3) and started writing.

Q-How did writing happen to me? I’ll sum it up with this:-

“It’s funny how artistic we become when our hearts are broken.”

Q-Where you get your inspiration for writing this book?

Some personal experiences and conversations I had while counselling people suffering from depression. It triggered me to bring the story to the world, about the suffering and reality of people going through depression and other kind of mental illness.

Q-Have you encountered any such thing in your real life?

I’ve been into depression, and suffered for a long time. I moved out of depression while writing this book.

Q-With which character you find yourself more familiar with or close to?

Shreyansh. He’s a part of my past, that went through depression, suffered secretly, fought bravely and moved out of it.

Q-What are your thoughts about depression and how it is very common these days?

3 out of 5 people suffer from depression or mental illness. But people don’t acknowledge it as a major cause of illness and ignore it as something self induced.

They’re often mocked and questioned about the legitimacy of it, so depressed people keep it to themselves and stop seeking help, often making it worse. 

I wrote this book to take a dig on Mental illness. I want people to experience the pain of being in a depression, how hard it is to swim through it to the shore of normal being. 

Q-Any suggestions you would like to share with the readers about this topic.

Depression is a sensitive thing to be taken seriously. And, It’s okay to seek help, don’t be sacred of people and society, if people judge, let them judge, society will keep judging you, wether you fight, survive or quit. It depends on you, if you want to be remembered as a victim or a survivor. “Survivor”, “fighter” sounds good right?

Q- Nowadays it’s very common that people hurt themselves or keep themselves isolated from others in order to hide their pain and misery. What are your thoughts about this?

Vulnerability is often exploited, people are usually scared to share about their pain and misery, in fear of judgment and mockery. They build a wall around themselves, in the name of survival, but sometimes that wall ends up being your graveyard, the more you keep it in, harder it gets to live. It’s okay to let it out, it’s okay to talk about it. And, it’s okay to seek help.

Q- According to you how a person who is suffering from depression should be treated by the society?

With patience, dedication and kindness. People in depression are like kids, in need of pampering, care and attention. And, to be honest not only depressed people, but every individual needs to be treated with kindness. There won’t be depression or any mental illness, if society know about kindness, love and affection.

I will leave the link for the Review I posted for this book.

Book is available on Amazon in both kindle and paperback.

Will You Stay?

I would like to thank the writer for giving me the opportunity to interview him.

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