Book Review – They Go To Sleep

Title- They Go To Sleep

Author- Saugata Chakraborty

Rating-2/5 🌟

My Review- This book is a compilation of 12 different stories that are quite different from each other. For me, it was an okayish book that I did not enjoy the most. The title was the reason, I picked up this book. But It did not live up to my expectations.

From all the stories, ‘The short lives of Shazia Sultana’ was my favorite and enjoyed the most. I enjoyed the first story ‘They Go To Sleep’ very much, I honestly wanted to know what happened next in the story.

Some of the stories did not make sense to me and compelled me to read them twice. However, some of the stories would have been so good if there was more to it. The plot needs to be improved.

The writing style is normal but a little complicated. Irrespective to that kudos to author who had written 12 stories, each having a different back story having different genres.

It’s totally up to you if you want to read this book if you are a fan of short stories. Ask for me honestly, I will not recommend this book.

Thank you @writershruti for providing me the book in return of an honest review.

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