Book Review – Circus Folk & Village Freaks

Eid Mubarak Everyone!! 💖

Today’s review is about the book which I really enjoyed.

Title- Circus Folk & Village Freaks

Author- Aparna Upadhaya Sanyal

Genre- Poetry

Rating- 4.5 🌟

My Review-
This book is a collection of 18 twisted tails. All the stories revolve around Circus and village people. I really enjoyed reading this book. Some tales were especially heart wrenching and sad. Some were an eye-opener for me. The best part was in all the tales there was something to learn. Every tale has a deep meaning.

My personal favorite tales are
The Strange Case Of Subramaniam, The Crocodile Man
Jeeva, The Elephant Man
The Tale Of The Organ Sisters

Interesting names right? Tales are even more interesting. Plus the illustrations in the book I love them they are so pretty. I want to color them so bad. Combination of tales and illustrations makes these tales even more beautiful.

You can complete this book in one sitting. But I would suggest you to take your time and enjoy every tale.

The book really touches my heart. Tells a real story but gracefully. I’m really impressed by the author. Putting this book in my favorite list for 2019.

Do read this book. I will totally recommend it.

I would like to thank the author for sending me this beautiful book in return of an honest review.

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