Book Review- The Last Love Letter

“The world is a trap where everyone suffers. Sometimes, I wonder what we’re doing here, everyone in need of something from each other and no one happy. Happiness, strangely is known only to the animals.”

Title- The Last Love Letter

Author – Kulpreet Yadav

Genre- Romance

Rating-3/5 🌟

My Review-
This book revolves around many characters Akash, his daughter Sara, Subah and his wife’s letters which she wrote before she died. He had hard time coping up with her death. His mother and Sara helped him getting back to his normal life.

One day Sarah wanted to go and have fun. They went to an aet exhibition and they met Subah. And it was just the start of new chapter in their life’s.

It’s a sweet love story which has some bumps.
This book is perfect for the beginner’s. Easy to read and is fast paced. You can complete this book in 1-2 sittings. Character description is really good.

I personally enjoyed reading this book. Although plotline was predictable to me it was a good read.

If you love this genre go for this book you won’t be disappointed.

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