Wanna talk about those Sleepless Nights…

Taken from Pinterest and credits to the rightful owner.

“A person who is regularly unable to sleep.”

There are so many things which result in sleepless nights. Those dreams which do not let us sleep. Those thoughts that constantly haunt us. Those memories which are crystal clear in our head which we try to forget.

This cannot be the list. I personally have suffered this problem last year during my summer vacation. Many things were on my plate and I was lost. I talked to my mother about this, took medicine too because I desperately wanted to sleep. Trust me those did not work for me. I was still aware of my surroundings. I stopped taking them after 2 days. 

After going through that, and after a year I have come to a conclusion. 

“Peace of Mind” is so important. How thinking about anything and everything can bring hurricane in our mind. 

I’m going to list some of things which helped me through this-

  • Write down everything you feel. Keeping a diary. Write everything that pops in your head even if its a single word. And if you do not want to write on the page, write them on your phone. We all have a notes app on our phone. 
  • Keep a pen and paper with you all the time. Especially when you are going to sleep. Sometimes we want to write but we are to lazy too get up and grab pen and paper.
  • Meditate. It will really help. Trust me. I started using an app called “HEADSPACE”. It is really good. It helps you meditate. Controls your breathing and you can sleep while listening to it. It help’s you how to clear your mind.
  • Exhaust yourself. Do exercise. And if you are not an exercise person try to exhaust yourself doing your daily work. Put a little more effort into it.

Most important is to ACCEPT yourself. Let Go of things. We tend to hold things that we cannot control. Trust me it will hurt you. Everything begins with us, from within. 

It’s YOU who has to decide for YOU.

If you want to talk about this more. Feel free to comment and I’ll get back to you. This is something I was meaning to do from long time.


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