Book Review- The Dark Side of The Moon (vol 2)

Title – The Dark Side of The Moon
Author – Shubham Arora
Title – 3.7/5 🌟
My Review –
I’m in love with authors writing style. Clear and straight forward.

There are 3 stories completely different from each other. Each story has its own wow moment where you have to take a moment to appreciate the author.

My personal favorite would be,ummm I enjoyed all of them so I can’t choose. It’s a very quick read. Personaly this part wasn’t that scary rather was mix imagination and illusion, which I like the most about this book.

December – It’s about one winter night when two cops going to an isolated house from where thet got a call from a mysterious women.

The dark side of the moon- Its about 2 astronauts who land on the dark side of the moon. One of them dies other survies and wait for the help for long long time.

Seventy meters- This story was all lovely-dovely in the start but the end πŸ‘‰πŸ»πŸ‘ˆπŸ» well you have to read that. I’m not gonna say anything.

Yup!! I’ll totally recommend this. It’s light read.

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