Book Review- Forgo

“This country is filling with educated zombies. Feelings are taboo, emotions have become sin and Prayers are exclusively reserved for marks and salary”

“We lost the culture, we lost the
language but the worst part is we don’t remember what we lost”

Title- Forgo
Author- Jai T.J
Genre- Horror, Thriller

This book is not at all what I expected. It is amazing. This book will keep you to the edge. I read it in 2 days because I could not stop. If you love reading dark books, full of mystery go for it.
The book revolves around 2 main characters Devin and Miss 55. Both have their respective dark past which they don’t want to reveal to the world yet. Their world collides and you have to read to know the rest. We know the opposite attracts but they both were pretty similar and yet they both were attracted to each other.

I love Miss 55’s character. She is full of darkness and secrets. She is so dam difficult at first but later her personality unravels itself. Slow and Steady.

This book is spooky. I’m really impressed by the author and how he writes. He knows how to keep the reader on toes and that makes the book great. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. If you want to add some spookiness and thrillers in your life go read this book.

I will definitely recommend it. Go for it.

Thank you, Author, for the review copy.

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