Book Review- The Great Gatsby

Title – The Great Gatsby
Author – F. Scott Fitzgerald
Rating- 3/5
My Review-
This book is short read can be completed in one sitting. I like this book. But if you ask me if I love it I don’t. I just couldn’t. It seems too flat for me.
The narration is really good. I know why it is so hyped, the writing style is really impressive and that is the only reason I kept on reading this book.
I know some people loved it, but for me, the plot was too flat. I won’t say it is not a good book, it is. I still don’t know what is so great about Jay Gatsby. Maybe I’m not in romantic-ish (if that is a word) things.
I’m glad I read this book and ticked it off from my Tbr list. I don’t regret reading it all.
I’m gonna keep this review short. If you wanna try it go for and share your reviews with me. Please. I would love to hear your thoughts on this book.

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