Book Review- Sara

“When I looked at Sara afresh I saw the loneliness and the turmoil in her eyes. She was growing up and she had to do it herself.”

Title- Sara
Author- Shashi Warrier
Publishers- HarperCollins
My review-
I enjoyed reading this book. It is a light read. The story revolves around a secret recipe which passed on generation by generation. The secret recipe was given to Junaid by his father. His father got it from his father. However, not everything is simple. There are secrets and a hint of mystery which unravels slowly with time.

Junaid meets Alice after that, everything changes in his life. Truth starts to unravel about that secret recipe. They meet different people in search of the truth. Sara and his father together after a lot of struggle finally come across the truth. How it all began? That is the puzzle.

If you are a foody person, this book will bring water in your mouth. No kidding. It was a fun read a little too dragged according to me. The author has done excellent research about the history of Indian spices.

The author has given incite of Indian Heritage too. It’s a tale of love and betrayal as the author says. While reading this book, all you need is little patience.
I will recommend it.

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