Book Review- Trust No Aunty

Title- Trust No Aunty
Author- Maria Qamar (@hatecopy)
Publishers- Simon & Schuster
Genre- Illustrated and Satire
My views-
This book is a study guide about how you can protect yourself from aunties around you. Trust me this book is REAL and RAW. Can you believe that there are different types of Aunties around us? Shocked? I KNOW (Monica version). The CEO Aunty, the soft Aunty, the over feeder Aunty, and there are more.
The author tells how through different phases we meet different types of Aunties. What are their characteristics, strengths, weaknesses and where we can find them? I want to applaud the author for this.
The Author has given a personal feel to this book and shared her adventures experiences which are so much fun to read. She has shared some great food recipes and homemade masks. Great. Right?
This book was just hilarious. I had so much joy reading this book. With all these, she has spoken about the harsh reality of Asian Culture. I told you, this book is REAL. She has done a marvelous job.
And it not just ends here, she is a great artist and all the illustrations in this book are her own. The book is beautiful inside and outside. Illustrations are so artistic.

I will recommend this book. What is not to like about this book?
Thank you so much, Simon & Schuster, for giving me this opportunity.

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