Book Review- Snakes in the Meadows

“This is carper weavers’ town. Silk carpets sell excellently.”
Title- Snakes in the Meadows
Author- Ayaz Kohli
Publisher- Rupa Publications
Rating- 4.25/5
My Review-

Firstly, I love the cover. It is captivating. About the book, this book describes the struggle faced by the residents of Jammu- Kashmir. It shattered my heart. Their cries, their desperation and a little hope that they will survive brought goosebumps up to my sleeves. The writing style is crisp. The author has done an incredible job depicting everything so raw and real.

Amid terror, Ashwar, Aslam and many more want to raise their voices against the evil. Alas, the one who holds more power survives in this war. The title gives justice to this book, militants were the snakes in their meadows, that poisoned everything.

In war, both parties get affected, but we often forget the civilians that are in the middle who have to face the wrath. All they are left is with hope. The author has touched the wounds of civilians very well.

War is not the solution to everything, but sometimes it’s all that is left for survival.

I will recommend this book. Everyone should read it at least once.

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