Book Review- Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

“In the half dark, in the full dark, I remember, I remember. Awake in the shadows, two little rabbit heartbeats, breath like a knife. I remember, I remember…”
“I emerged from the flames like a little phoenix. I ran my fingers over the scar tissue, caressing the contours. I didn’t burn Mummy, I thought. I walked through the fire and I lived.”

Title- Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine
Author – Gail Honeyman
Publishers- HarperCollins
My Review-
This book is about Eleanor Oliphant who seems to be doing fine. She has a job and prefers to stay in isolation. She has the same routine going for work, come back home. On weekends she has her favorite vodka and Margherita pizza. Oh! And on Wednesday she talks to her Mummy. That was her life.
One bright day, she meets Raymond and that’s how her routine starts to change. Her past, that is a secret for the world and herself too.
I am so glad I got a chance to read this fabulous book. It is funny and unpredictable. That twist was unexpected. I never saw that coming. Curious about that twist? You have to read this book for that.
What is so great about this book that I should recommend? Let me tell you, sometimes we have to read a book just to experience the pain main character feels and be there for them, so that they don’t feel alone. After all, we all have been in the same place, not the same situation but, felt pain in our heart right. This book is the journey of Eleanor Oliphant. Is it a sad book you would say? Not everything in our life is unicorns too right?
Read it. You won’t regret reading it.
Thank you so much, HarperCollins for sending this book to me.

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