Book Review- Naked Beneath The Midnight Sun

“Late evening, everyone congregated, this time around a cheery fireplace. Stories were exchanged, some true, some fiction.”
Title- Naked Beneath The Midnight Sun
Author- Kamalini Natesan
My Review-
Have you ever thought of going out of your country and study abroad? That’s what Suchu wanted. she got a chance to pursue her studies in Folk High School, Norway. It was like a dream for her.
This book describes how she discovers herself living far away from home. Being a debut novel, it is narrated beautifully. Once she gets settled, she starts to feel a sort of attraction towards her roommate’s boyfriend. She meets people from different cultures. Although she starts to feel home, she misses her family, her land. Due to differences in cultures, she often found herself in a riot. The thing I like most about Suchu is that she used to write letters to her parents, telling them about her well being. The exchange of letters kept her close to her homeland.
I don’t love this book, but yes I enjoyed it. I have never been away from home for studies, so reading about her experiences gave me sense an Idea of how it feels to be away from home.

Narration of the book is lucid. Easy to read. You can complete the book in 2-3 sittings. Nothing seems out of the place. Author has picturized Norway in really applaudable way. Story almost feel like it is a real story and author herself has experienced all those things.

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