Book Review- Scars like Wings

“Shoot for the highest stars, Ava, and you’re are bound to hit something. But first, you have to shoot.”
“After, I was a star with no constellation”
Title- Scars like Wings
Author- Erin Stewart
Publishers- Simon & Schuster
Genre- Young Adult
My Review-
I LOVE THIS BOOK. I LOVE THE COVER. I LOVE THE STORY. Let us start from the beginning, this book is about Ava, who got burnt in a house fire. She lost her parents and her cousin Sara. She was left with the scars she couldn’t hide from the world. Those scars took her shine. She was lost. She wanted to hide. Hide from the world and herself. Now, all she needed was to find the constellation where her star belongs.
I love Ava’s and Piper’s friendship they were each other’s pole. How glad I am that they have each other. I wanted to go inside the book and protect them from misery and pain. I can’t take away all the pain, but I can at least share it. Amid everything, they both were trying to find there new normal. This story was an emotional ride for me, all I wanted was to sit in the corner and cry. Ava was taking baby steps towards accepting her scars. Scars were almost everywhere on her body. Piper, Asad encouraged her to see her scars like wings, which can help her fly and shoot for the stars.
The best part is that I cannot, just cannot imagine her as a burned girl but, a beautiful girl who was in a bad accident. That is something that makes this book more special to me. All thanks to the author.

Thank you so much Simon & Schuster for gifting me the copy.

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