Book Review – You Beneath Your Skin

“…the wise are guided by what they feel and not by what they see, letting go of that, and choosing this.”

Title- You Beneath Your Skin
Author- Damyanti Biswas
Publisher- Simon & Schuster
Genre- Thriller
My Review-
O, MY GOD. I enjoyed reading this book. It is full of suspense and mystery. This book will keep you on your toes. The book was in like 2nd gear, and all of sudden it is on 7th gear. Trust me, I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT.

This book revolves around many characters like Anjali, her son Nikhil, Jatin, Maya, and Pawan. Two stories go side by side. How Anjali is struggling to be a good mother to her son, and on the other side, slum women who is raped and just stuffed in a trash bag. Creepy isn’t it? This book covers serious issues of our society like rape, drugs, aggression, and the revenge which holds onto you.

It became too descriptive in between, but the story so freaking creeping, I could not stop reading it. Even the cover itself attracts at the very moment. The narration is good. Everyone has a bad side, you, me, and everyone. It is a matter of time, it comes in front. And this book very well shows this. It’s not about being bad but about why he became what he is. There is always a reason. The reason behind everything.

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