Book Review- Carry On #1

“You have to pretend you get an endgame. You have to carry on like you will; otherwise, you can’t carry on at all.”

“The front seat is for people who’ve never been kidnapped by bloddy numpties. Jesus Christ, Baz.”

Title- Carry On (Series #1)

Author- Rainbow Rowell

Publishers- Pan Macmillan

Genre- Fantasy, Young Adult Fiction

I read this as my last read for 2019. I loved every part of it. Magic with a little bit of mystery, I am always up for it.
I never thought any book can make me go all mushy. Well never say never. SnowBaz, are super adorable together. All the leg-pulling and being there for each other, that’s what matters right.
The book is about Simon Snow, who is the chosen one to protect the world of magic from evil. There is always a but, but he is too powerful. He cannot control his powers and is capable of destroying everything around him. Baz is his roommate, snow is scared that one day Baz will kill him. He keeps on annoying Snow, and love to make him angry. For him, it is just fun. There is more to this, and I can keep on writing about all of it.
I am not gonna give away more than this. The narration of the book is simple and cute.
This book has a little bit of everything- magic, friendship, love, betrayal, and death. I will recommend it.
Go read it, I will recommend it.

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