Book Review on The Edge

“Ghosts are the people you’ve loved and lost, he knew now. They live on in your head and wake you in the night. They revisit you as they were, reminding you who you were.”

Book Title- The Edge
Author- Jamie Collinson
Genre- Fiction
Publisher- Oneworld
This book revolves around Adam. He is on the edge of a well, which goes into deep-dark place. He works in the music industry. It was his dream to be part of this industry. It was his passion. But now he is stuck.
For him, it is not fun anymore. It was supposed to be fun and great of all. But that was not the same, not anymore. He is distracted. His personal life is all messed up.
He does not know what he wants, what makes him happy anymore.
He does what he is told to do.
The book tells his story and how he starts to get out of this mess and be someone he wants to be.
The narrative part of this book is my favorite of all. The book is slow-paced. It gets a little boring, but some sections of the book are beautiful.
Being a fan of music, reading about the music industry was a fun experience. Everything has two sides good and bad and, this book reveals both sides of the music industry. Adam’s journey
I am absolutely in love with the writing style of the author.
Overall, I enjoyed reading this book.

Thank you Oneworld Publication for sending me the copy.

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