Book Review- Ink In The Blood + GIVEAWAY

Title- Ink In The Blood

Author-  Kim Smejkal

Genre- Young Adult & Fantasy

Publisher- HMH Books

Rating- 4.5/5


I am so happy that I got the chance to read such an amazing book. Full of magic, magic of Ink. I had so much reading this book. Book revolves around the divine power of Inkling. Mob follows what ink says. They do as the ink says to them. If there is something good, evil will be right beside it. Just like it, if Divine which is symbol of good is present, Diavala will be. She symbolize the evil.

This is a story of Inkling Celia, who wants to escape her mob, and be a part of theater, which she always dreamt of doing. The mob becomes her family but when Diavala comes in the scene everything starts to turn to worse. Diavala resembles so much of Hela (Thor sister), if you are a Marvel fan you will know. Gosh, her personality pretty accurate for a devil.

The best part of the book is the play. What they perform in front of people is JUST WONDERFUL. I loved the play. It was the highlight of this book.  Apart from this, there is a truth that needs to be unfold.  Truth which is bitter but necessary to be spoken.

I will highly recommend this book if you are a fan of fantasy. This book is THE ONE.

My Favorite Quotes from the book-

“It was as if the child could talk directly to the angels. Her tattoos were mystical, and her messages were . . . pure. She wanted to help people make good choices”

“Be prepared for a night of wonder. Fantasy will become reality. Reality will become fantasy. Welcome to the Rabble Mob!”

“Sometimes what looks like betrayal is actually the biggest sacrifice.”

“Who is he?” Someone more important here than just another performer. Someone strange, to smile so brightly while staring at the world from behind a mask of death.”

Yes. Diavala. You can call me that. Or call me what everyone else does: your Divine. There is only me. I am—and always have been—either, neither, or both, depending on how you tilt your head.”

“But even as she emptied her stomach, her skin on fire and her insides buzzing, she thought about Diavala’s pause, her quick retreat, almost as if she needed to collect herself. A moment where Celia had seen something new in the devil herself. – Weakness.”

“Celia should have joined her, but instead she sat drawing. Alone. She understood pictures because they could be anything, mean anything. Maybe a teardrop today could be rain tomorrow. Or even something good: a fresh pear or a cheery mandolin. And maybe, one day, something so lovely it breaks your heart: paisley on your child’s dress the day they whisper their name for the first time.”

“Pictures stayed the same but changed with you. They were the past, the present, the future, all at once.”

“We’re about to be pushed out of the tower, Anny, but we’re burning the place down first.”


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