Book Review- Infinity Son

“It’s time to connect the stars in my constellations.”

Title- Infinity Son

Author- Adam Silvera

Publisher– Simon & Schuster

Genre- Young Adult Fiction


This is such a wonderful read. It is full of magic, wands, hidden powers and PHEONIXS. I am not gonna lie it does reminds me of Harry Potter. There is a character named Wesley like c’mon.

The book starts kinda slow but then after 90 pages, It is on 7th gear. I Love it. The story revolves around two twin brothers, who supposed to have powers. But only one have it. The choosen one.

“Who will live forever, and who will die trying?” This kept me hook from the starting. All I wanted was to read the end. But good girl I am I did not read it.

While reading the book you will be in dilemma whether the chosen one is deserving or the not. This book has a lot going on, that to in a good pace. I love the narration part. The book is captivating.

AND THE CLIFFHANGER IN THE END. O MY GOD. I CANNOT WAIT. I am really excited to know what happens further in the story.

Personally, I will do recommend this book. It is full of action, magic and a hint of suspense which I am all up for.

Thank you @simonandschusterin for gifting me this book.

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