Book Review- Whispers of Hate

“He is up for any solution, but it’s like someone or something doesn’t want him to. Who or what it is?”

Title- Whispers of Hate
Author- Sanchit Garg
Genre- Horror
This was such an interesting read. If you want to try horror genre you should give this one a try. The story revolves an ancient/haunted house in a village. And people in the village keep on disappearing not living any trace behind. Day by day more people gets disappear. Rameshwar is worried about his family. He does not want to lose his family. A dark shadow keeps on following him, haunting him in his dreams. Everything turns to worse. Will he be able to protect his family from this dark shadow? Or Not?
Story about the mysterious house unravels with time. The suspense-mystery keeps you on the hook. This book does have paranormal feel to it which I really like myself. The narration is lucid. You can easily complete the book in 1-2 sittings. The way author has portrayed the characters is good. If you are a beginner and wanna try this genre, you can try this book.
I would like to thank the author for gifting me this book.

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