Iphigenia Murphy- Review + GIVEAWAY

Title- Iphigenia Murphy

Author- Sara Hosey

Genre- Young Adult

Publisher- Blackstone Publishing


Running away from home hasn’t solved Iphigenia Murphy’s problems. In fact, it’sonly a matter of time before they’ll catch up with her. Iffy is desperate to find herlong-lost mother, and, so far, in spite of the need to forage for food and shelter andfend off an unending number of creeps, living in Queens’ Forest Park has felt saferthan living at home. But as the summer days get shorter, it all threatens to fall apart.

A novel that explores the sustaining love of friendship, the kindness of strangers,and the indelible bond of family, Iphigenia Murphy captures the gritty side of 1992 Queens, the most diverse borough in New York City. Just like Iffy, the friends she makes in the park–Angel, a stray dog with the most ridiculous tail; Corinne, a young trans woman who is escaping her own abusive situation; and Anthony, a former foster kid from upstate whose parents are addicts–each seek a place where they feel at home. Whether fate or coincidence has brought them together, within this community of misfits Iffy can finally be herself, but she still has to face the effects of abandonment and abuse–and the possibility that she may be pregnant. During what turns out to be a remarkable journey to find her mother, will Iffy ultimately discover herself?

Book Review-

If you are looking forward to read something light, this one is for you. This book revolves around Iphigenia and how she escapes her father’s house to find her mother. She never knew this decision will change her life. In midst of everything, she gets to know more about herself.

You will get to know what it feels to be living alone. Finding someone you can lean on and trust them. There are some obstacles in her way, there is always light at the end of dark tunnel right?

This book was very fun for me to read. The Narration is Lucid. I consider myself that I got a chance to read this book. This book does not have any twists or any big plot. This book focuses more on character growth which makes this book more special for me.

I will totally recommend this book.

Favorite Quotes from the book

It felt terrible and embarrassing, but it was also a relief to cry into my sleeping bag like that, to have someone else there.

And although it hadn’t been good, it hadn’t been too bad either, and then I felt a sudden welling of understanding that it was, at last and unmistakably, over.

“It’s a big name,” she said, ruminative. “It’s a big name and you deserve it. You can carry it, girl.”

There was something different in my face now; a new toughness, a way that my mouth was set that wasn’t there before. Strong, I thought. Someone not to be messed with.


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