Six Of Crows – Book Review

“When everyone knows you’re a monster, you needn’t waste time doing every monstrous thing.”

Title- Six Of Crows

Author- Leigh Bardugo

Genre- Fantasy, Young Adult Fiction



IF YOU HAVEN’T READ IT, PLEASE READ IT. Okay now I will stop screaming. I am absolutely in love with this book.

The characters, I love each of them. The story is SOOO FREAKING WELL written. It’s been long since any book made me all mushy over characters and the plot. My heart was beating so fast due all the …. I can’t tell you.

This book lived up to my expectation. It is fast paced. The characters describe in the book are unique from each other. Ah! My heart cannot describe the love I have for this book.

And now I’m literally dying because stupid me did not ordered the 2nd edition and now it is sold out or is too expensive.

In all sincerity this book is amazing and beautiful. It makes me feel home. And I definitely see myself picking this up again.

Also, completing this book, I have completed another prompt Book I was meaning to read in 2019 but couldn’t for #readingwithmuffy

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