Book Review – House of Earth and Blood

“That’s the point of it, Bryce. Of Life. To live, to love, knowing that it might all vanish tomorrow. It makes everything that much more precious.”

“Through love, all is possible.”

Title- House of Earth and Blood

Author– Sarah J. Maas

Publisher– Bloomsbury

Genre– Fantasy

This book definitely lived upto my expectation. I have read ACOTAR. And this one was just GORGEOUS. It is a huge book yes. But, if you are fantasy lover like me, you will love it. This book was one a hell of a ride.
And I loved it with all my heart. This book has everything that I wished for- Emotions (a lot a lot of it), friendship, heartbreak, brother-sister bond. I love all of it.

There is so much in this book. There are all sort of characters you can imagine are in this books like fae, vampires, witches, humans, shifters and many more. I loved all the characters in the story and the personal favorite would be Danika. Bryce and Hunt, their personality, ahh I love them too.
I will highly recommend this. I know it’s a huge book but it will totally be worth it.

p.s Just a quick suggestion, don’t read the blurb. You will thank me later.

Also, this book is for the March Prompt- A Book about a women by a women author / has a women on the cover for #readingwithmuffy challenge

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  1. Shalini says:

    I haven’t read ACOTAR or any other. 😦 But I’ll keep this book in mind.
    Thanks for participating in #ReadingWithMuffy with your review. Happy Reading 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, Do read that series You will love it 😍


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