Book Review- Silver Sparrow

“The Key to life,” he told me once, “is to avoid the highs and the lows. It’s the peaks and valleys that mess you up.”

Title- Silver Sparrow

Author- Tayari Jones

Publisher- @oneworldpublications


Chaurisse and Dana have a lot in common. They both grew up in Atlanta, they shop at the same stores, visit the same restaurants. But unlike Chaurisse, Dana knows the truth: that the girls share the same father. A father with two families, one of which he is determined to keep secret. When the girls meet and become friends, the unsteady balance of both their lives is threatened. Their is a relationship destined to explode.


 When I read the first chapter I knew that this is going to be THE ONE. I am so much in love with this book. It is so simple yet feels so personal. It is kinda poetic trust me I cannot wait to complete this book and share my reviews with you people.  Also, I will highly highly recommend this book please please if you get a chance to read this book, definitely pick it. You will love it.

This book does not have any major plot twist. But that is not what matters. This book is about life people, what they have been through, and after all that life must goes on. Whether it hurts or not, life must go on. You can learn from the mistakes, the situations and the bad circumstances, and be better version of yourself.

I will definitely recommend this book. It’s a perfect classic full of emotions and all about family. Sometimes, all you have to do is read  and feel the pain the characters been through. I loved the character of Dana. I loved the idea behind the book. And I love the book with all my heart.

Thank you @oneworldpublications for gifting me this copy.

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