Book Review- Yes No Maybe So

“Jamie extends his hand. A minute ago, I’d have taken it without a second’s hesitation.

But it feels different now.

Everything does.”

Title- Yes No Maybe So

Author- Becky Albertalli & Aisha Saeed

Publisher- Simon & Schuster

Genre- Young Adult


This book is really cute. If you are looking for a light read, this one is perfect. It is a mix of love story with politics. I am not good with politics. I honestly stay away from it. But this one was not at all complicated rather a healthy politics (I hope it make sense).

Also I love the TITLE. YES NO MAYBE SO. I love it.

This book is about Jamie and Maya, who somehow get stuck together with a campaign. They become more aware about what is happening around them and how political decisions affect them on personal level. They felt the need to express what they feel and how people should be aware about the wrongs happening in the society. Along with this, they start to feel something about each other.

You should read this book. It is totally worth reading.

I would like to thank @simonandschusterin for gifting the copy.

p.s There is an audiobook available for this book on Scribd app. And, it is amazing.

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