Book Review- Apeirogon, A Novel

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I have begun to change myself.”

Title- Apeirogon: A Novel

Author- Colum McCann

Publisher- Bloomsbury

Genre- Historical & Biographical Fiction

This book is a Masterpiece. Historical fiction is my heart.
And this book is such a treat to my heart. This book is strange, a good strange. It is written in an unusual format. The book has some pictures in between, which makes the book more personal.
This book focuses on two characters, Bassam and Rami, and their daughters. Their daughter’s death brought them together. They never stopped fighting for the girls, in hope that they (the girls) will never be forgotten. If only I could tell them that they succeeded. I can never forget Abir and Smadar.

Some of the facts in the book took me off guard. They are so personal. The pain feels so real. This book is not a cup of tea for all who are not into history, and war in general. There is so much to grasp. This book shows a glimpse of what happens behind the door of the prisons. It is a slow book, yes. But it is worth of all. I took my time with the book, and I loved it. It is a beautiful, sad story. And I might pick this book again in the future.

Thank you Bloomsbury for the copy.

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