Book Review- Havenfall

“Youth is nothing if you have a clever mind and a strong heart.”

Title– Havenfall

Author– Sara Holland

Publisher– Bloomsbury

Genre– YA Fantasy

It is a good fantasy book. I loved this fantasy world. There are different realms. Havenfall is the bridge between all the realms- Byrn, Fiordenkill, and Solaria. For Maddie, Havenfall is her home, her safest place. Still, many secrets are yet to be discovered.

The book is fast-paced. I loved the characters and the fantasy world. However, everything was mentioned very briefly. I am the kind of person who likes to know things in detail. I like to know the origin, how it comes to live, what realms represent. A glance at the background story of Inn at Havenfall, the character’s background story.
The ending was kinda rushed. Nevertheless, I did enjoy reading the book. I’m waiting for the Sequel. I cannot wait for how the story goes from now.

Thank you Bloomsbury for gifting this book.

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