Book Review- Nonet

First of all, Thank you, Sonali, for giving me this opportunity to read your book.

Title- Nonet

Author- Sonali Dabade

It is a collection of 9 short stories. Each of them is so different from one another. They are simple yet impactful. Each story holds an emotion, either be pain or happiness
Choosing one as a favorite is so difficult. I have several favorites. Oops.

Zero- I love this one. The writing is so good. Adrenaline rust I felt after reading this one. I love it so much.

Dinner and Dash- I am not a fan of romance, but this story ah epitome of cuteness.

Blindside, Life and Death, Crossroads, and Fight for me are also my favorite.
The stories have different genres, which keeps the story engaging.
On the whole, I love the book. I couldn’t be happier for you. You deserve everything in the world. She is such a humble person I have met here.

Also, the book is now available on Amazon.

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