Book Review- Last Memoria

“Everyone lies. Everyone cheats. Everyone steals. Some are just better at hiding it than others”

Title- Last Memoria

Author- Rachel Emma Show

Genre- Fantasy YA

Sarilla has learnt one thing from stealing memories. Everybody lies.

There’s nothing Sarilla hates more than stealing memories, but the king forces her to take them to keep his subjects in line. She wants to escape to where nobody knows what she is or what she can do, but her plans go awry when she runs into Falon.

Falon has a six month void in his memories that he’s desperate to restore. He doesn’t know why they were taken or what they contained, nor why the man he loves is acting so cagily about what happened during that time. He hopes to use Sarilla to get back his stolen memories and doesn’t care what she wants or why she’s desperate to escape. She will help him get them back, whether she wants to or not.

I have never read anything like this. The story is very engaging. I love the idea behind the story. The protagonist is suffering a lot. The memories haunt her to the point she has no control over her senses. But she does not lose hope, until one point. The element of magic in this story is very fascinating for me. Having the power to steal memories of others is quite captivating.

The emotions depicted in the story feel real. The narration is good. You will not get bored throughout the book. Overall, I enjoyed reading the story of Sailla.

I would like to thank the author for gifting me the copy.

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