Book Review- You Should See Me in the Crown

“Maybe things don’t need to be exactly as I’ve imagined them. Like maybe in this universe I’ve suddenly found myself in, things could be different. I could be different.”

Title- You Should See Me in a Crown

Author- Leah Johnson

Genre- Contemporary YA

O, MY GOD. This book is so much fun to read. The book has a queer protagonist. This is the story of her. The story of her coming out and accepting herself. Although it is a fun read, it deals with some important issues.
Liz thought, being a black lady she should lay low. Don’t interact with others and stay in her safe bubble. Later in the story, she discovers more about herself. I did not like her best-friend ah she is so annoying.
This book is very engaging and cute. I love-love reading this book. I love everything about this story.

This read is for #readingwithmuffy challenge June Prompt- LGBTQIA book.

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  1. I’d love to read this book. Thanks for participating in #ReadingWithMuffy with this book. Happy Reading 🙂

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