Book Review- Once There was me

“I realized, but there were also castes within the same religion. It seemed that human beings just could not live together as equals.”

Title- Once there was me

Author- Bobby Sachdeva

Genre- Fiction

Publisher- Pan Macmillan

Review –
First of, This book is based on my city so got really indulge in the story. It is very rare to read about my own city and it was really fun read till 155 pages.

The book is based on the story around 1984. Main character had to face alot of hardships due to the riots happening. It is basically his life story. I struggled completing the book. It is an Okay-ish book for me. Alot of family drama and the termoil of his identity is what the book revolves around.

There was one specific thing I do not agree with the author. But that his opinion and I will leave it to that.

The narration is simple and easy.

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