Book Review- Pokhran

Bad things happen to good people. You don’t stop living or start feeling sorry for yourself, just because those things happened to you. Instead of feeling sad, either you come up with a plan to help your friend or you let her go.

Title – Pokhran

Author – Uday Singh

Genre – Fiction

Rating –

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Review –

This book kept me on the edge the whole time. I did not expected the story to unfold like this.Plus, this book is really informative.

There is a big conspiracy that happens after the nuclear testing at Pokhran. Chaitanya wants to get justice to people of his kinds. The happy family’s had to be the victim of nuclear fallout. It is a story of love, struggle and survival. The bond of family shown in the book is beautiful. This story is about how he and Zara took revenge and wanted to bring the identity of people in front who tried to hide the news about the fallout.

The author has done an amazing job writing this book. I loved the idea behind the book. The narration is easy and simple and you can complete the book in 1-2 sittings.

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