Here Is The Beehive – Book Review

‘I love someone else,’ I say.

He puts down his pen, ‘Who?’

‘He is gone now,’

‘Where has he gone?’

‘Just Gone.’

Title – Here Is The Beehive

Author – Sarah Crossan

Publishers – Bloomsbury India

Genre – Poetry

Review –

What should I say about this book? It’s beautiful and heart wrenching story. I just love the writing. Whole story is narrated in Prose.

Once you start it is difficult to put it down. The story is about two people and both of them are married to someone else. They have their own life and a family to come back to. One day they both meet and everything gets tangle. And things happen again and again.

This is a story about a loss and a loss of love and life they dreamt of. And wished, if the things were different.

 It is a story how two individuals who have a family loves the another person, about what they feel, how their heart aches for each other. But well there is always a but. They just cannot leave their families. They cannot turn back to their families because that’s what a right person does. What they are supposed to do.

I think I rant too much for this book. I love-love this book. The Authors writing and everything about this book.

Thank you Bloomsbury India for the review copy.

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