Midwinter Murder by Agatha Christie – Book Review

‘But I have often reproached myself bitterly with failing to save the life of that poor girl. But who would have listened to an old woman jumping to conclusions? Well, well – who knows? Perhaps it was better for her to die while life was still happy than it would have been for her to live on. unhappy and disillusioned, in a world that would have seemed suddenly horrible.

Title – Midwinter Murder

Author – Agatha Christie

Genre – Mystery & Short Stories

Review –

Are you looking for a cozy read for this weather??
This book is for you guys.
This book was my first Agatha Christie book, and I love the book. It has a collection of short stories full of mystery.

A Christmas Tragedy is my favorite out of all the short stories. Snuggle up in your blanket with a hot cup of tea and book in your hand. What more do we wish?
I enjoyed reading the book so much and will probably pick it again to read some of my favorite stories. I cannot wait to read more works by Agatha Christie and dive into her world of mystery.


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