Book Review – Infinity Reaper

~ B O O K R E V I E W ~

“Death is part of the cycle and the only death to fear is one that breaks the cycle.”

Title – Infinity Reaper
Author – Adam Silvera
Publisher – Simon & Schuster
Genre – YA
Review –

Where shall I begin? A lot is happening in this book, like a lot. This book is way more character-driven than Infinity son (the first book in the series). All the characters introduced in the previous book, we get to know about their back story. They all have to fight demons outside in the world and the one living within them. There is a flaw in every character. They all are vulnerable at the moment. A complete mess, I would say.

The two brothers are on a journey to protect their family and the people they love. Maribelle is by far my favorite character out of all. With almost all the books that I read now, I cannot stand one particular character. And in this book, Brighton is so annoying that I want to smack his head on the wall. Thinking about the book, there is a lot that is yet to be disclosed. And the way the author has ended this book, I am intrigued about what happens in the Infinity cycle series. ✨

p.s I hope the author put more sense in Brighton in the coming book. 😤😤

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