Breaking The Procrasitination Spell – Book Review

Don’t let procrastination define you. Its finally time for you to leave your motto- “Due tomorrow? Do tomorrow”.

Title – Breaking The Procrasitination Spell

Author – Arwa Rajgarhwala

Genre – Non-Fiction


Want to make fast decisions, increase your confidence, take quick actions and get more work done in less time?
Do you have a habit of postponing work? Do you always have files piled up on your desk at work, messy house and inbox always overflowing with unattended messages?

If so, then you are under the procrastination spell. It keeps you busy with less important or useless tasks or makes you go for immediate rewards instead of focusing on your long-term goals. The spell makes you find some or the other excuse to always avoid your most important goal-oriented tasks.
Imagine what it will be like to complete tasks as soon as they show up. How good it must feel to cross off tasks from your daily list after completion and that too with hours to spare for leisure.

Review –
This book is quite insightful. It short and quick read. In the book, you will get to know about –
What is procrastination and why do you do it?
• Types of procrastination.
• The cycle of procrastination.
• Roadblocks while trying to end procrastination.
• How willpower, motivation will help us overcome procrastination

This book will certainly help us transform our life for the better. I enjoyed reading the book. Something new and fresh and the book does not contain heavy information.

I would like to thank the author, for giving me the opportunity to read the book.

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