Alive – Book Review

“Make your mind to do something is the most powerful tool towards a healthier life.”

Title – Alive

Author – Aastha Chhachhi

Genre – Non – Fiction

Publisher – Harpercollins

Review –
I will not be considering this book as a self-help book rather a book that makes us familiar with ourselves. The book describes various informative things that we are somewhat or not at all familiar with.

The book is divided into five parts –
✨ The Truth
✨ The Mind
✨ The Body
✨ The Learnings
✨ The New Older

All five parts are sub-divided into various topics. The author makes us familiar with the concept of Apathy of Good health, the healing food, our body is a subset of the earth, and many more. The narration is friendly. The author has talked about insightful things that will help us.

We struggle with many things especially since the covid happened. But how we cope with those struggles and come out of them – is what counts.

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