The Granddaughter Project – Book Review

Title – The Grand Daughter Project

Author -Shaheen Chishti

Genre – Fiction

Review –

In this book, we get to know about Maya and insight into her life. In the very beginning, we are introduced to all the characters. It is easier to understand the relationship between each character. While reading this book, I was feeling very calm and peaceful while reading the book. The writing is soothing. There are so many moments in this book that I love, and I adore them. This book is emotional as well. The book describes how some misunderstandings create a bridge between two people who love each other. And how important it is to reduce that gap by having the conversation, and how important it is to vent your emotions and feelings to the person you care about overall. I enjoyed this book very much. It makes me feel happy and kinda sad in between, but I loved the idea behind the plot. The character of Maya is well written, and the growth of the corrector by the end of the book is very commendable. I loved the book.

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