The Secret of Plants in the Environment – Book Review

Title – The Secret of Plants in the Environment

Author – Rishikesh Upadhyay

Genre – Non-fiction

Plants are sessile organisms that are unable to move but face the challenge of ever-changing or adverse environments. The Secret of Plants in the ENVIRONMENT addresses environmental concerns such as the different types of stress situations and plant adaptation to changing environments, including the positive and negative effects of stress on the growth of crops, the beginning stages of plant life cycles, and plant output. This book seeks to discuss the impact of environmental changes or stress on plant life, environmental stress physiology, and adaptation mechanisms. It highlights the impact of environmental stresses on plants and crops under changing environments and gives a comprehensive overview of how plants respond to such environments.


This book is very insightful and knowledgeable. I loved how the author has pinned down the actual facts about botany. And how in today’s world – the climate chnage has affect on our environment.

We get to know about various factors about the plants and it’s life and how the change in climate is affecting them. We often ignore these environmental issues – but reading this book has really made me aware of what is actually happening. We get the insight into the Plants life – growth and adaptation to the environment change. The book has alot of information about botany – I would really recommend this to people who are interested and curious about plants and botanical life.

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