House Of Hollow – Book Review

“I had seen my sisters do this things before. I had done this thing before too, a couple of times, though the power of it terrified me. The Things I could make people do when they were high on me.”

“There are whispers of us here.” I said. As I made my way down the hall, fingers trailing the wall. “In the foundations. We were here. This place remember us.”

Title – House of Hollow

Author – Krystal Sutherland

Genre – YA, Fantasy, Horror

Publisher – HarperCollins

Review –
You know that feeling you have when you are 20 pages in and suddenly realize this is the book I have been waiting for all along – THIS BOOK IS THE ONE. The characters, the atmosphere from the beginning is dark and spooky. This book will give you dark academic vibes. The book is very intoxicating.

The bond between the three sisters – Grey, Vivi, and Iris is special. It is warm and scary to think to what extent they can go for each other. If you love darky-spooky – you will want to stay in this dark world because I want to. The writing is beautiful. It is like a sweet-sweet lullaby which I want to keep listening to. The book will kill you with suspense. There is humor in every here and there. Apart from the sisters, there is one more character – which I love is Tyler. He is funny, caring, and knows how to comfort people *ofc how can we forget his past*.
This world is addicting. It feels like you are high on this book.
I wish this book never ended.

TW: A lot of blood and the absurd things that happen.

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