How I Quit Google to sell Samosas – Book Review

“The smartest way to help yourself is by asking for help.”

“The difference between a million dollars and one crore is peace of mind.”

Title – How I Quit Google to sell Samosas

Author – Munaf Kapadia

Genre – Non-Fiction

Publisher – HarperCollins

Review –
This book and the author himself are a big inspiration. This book is an example that we can make our dreams come true and, there is no one holding us back apart from ourselves. This book will take you to the ride of how Munaf working as an entrepreneur who does not feel what he is doing is right. He opens a food pop-up with his money and, that is the beginning of a new chapter in his life.
The path of your dream is difficult, scary and, there are many failures but, we have to remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel. And this book is an example of the same. Munaf shares his personal experience of dreams and failures.
This book will motivate you, inspires you to go and follow your dream. Follow your passion. And do what makes you happy.

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