Book Review “Will You Stay?”

“Never give anyone the power to disturb your inner peace of mind. No one is that important.
Title- Will You Stay?
Author- Vedant Saxena and Annie Pruthi
Rating- 3/5
My views-
It is not just a story about a girl falling in love with a boy who always keeps his wall up but teaches us a valuable lesson.
The book starts with a good pace. It gets boring in the middle but later gets more interesting. The end made me teared up. It took me some time to learn about the character of Shreyansh. Reading more and more gave me a deeper insight into his character. How his brain was a hurricane full of thoughts. Being a victim of depression, he never shows his vulnerability in front but always helped others.
For me, reading this book gave me many different judgments. Firstly, Don’t indulge in someone so much that you can’t even survive without their shadow. It will make you self-centered and eventually you will forget about people who care about you. Secondly, You got to be patient with people who have walls up around themselves. Patience is the key. Thirdly, If something unfortunate happens to someone close to you, it’s not your fault. It’s really simple to blame ourselves for that, without giving it much thought we find ourselves in a pit hole of misery.
I’m really impressed by the author’s and how they have talked about such a sensitive topic with such a great sense of knowledge.
I will recommend you guys to give it a read. I would like to thank the author for giving me the review file.

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