Book Review- The Starless Sea

“A book is an interpretation,” she says. “You want a place to be like it was in the book but it’s not a place in a book it’s just words. The place in your imagination is where you want to go and that place is imaginary. This is real.”

Title – The Starless Sea

Author- Erin Morgenstern

Genre- Fantasy, Historical Fiction

Publisher- Penguin Random House

How much I want to relive this adventure of Starless Sea. This book is just, I seriously don’t have words to explain HOW MAGICAL, SOOTHING this book is to the soul. If only this book never ends. As much I wanted to know what happen next, I want to go deep in the story, to the bottom of the Starless Sea. Touch it, feel it.

This book is SO FREAKING WELL written. Every story has a story within. Every story has a missing piece, is a missing piece of a story. Every story is the beginning of the other. Story whose end is unknown, even to the characters within. Bees tell the story, if you listen carefully. Did you see door yet? Did you open the door? Not yet?

The book revolves around so many characters. Character building is done so well. Each character has his story to tell. Story of each character will come to an end. Some will be lost. Some will be rescued. Some will find love. Some will find family.

And in the end, a new story will begin.

This book is for the Prompt- A Book sent by The Big Book Box for #readingwithmuffy Challenge.

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  1. Shalini says:

    Phew! Thank God you said you loved the book. I found so many Meh-reviews and was heartbroken. I loved the Starless Sea and it is one of those books which you take time and savour, I guess 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg yes Even I have read reviews. This book is precious in all way


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